wgytc 1975-lockdown is a film made by 65 alumni over the last few weeks.

This extract from 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas was created by members of the Company spanning the 45 years of its history. It is a celebration of the many students who have come through the doors at the start of their journey and a chance to reflect on where they are now.

Wherever you are, we hope you are keeping safe and well.

You will see actors, designers, production crew, makers and creators from the world of film and theatre. You will also see a host of teachers, musicians, barristers, therapists and diplomats. A special mention goes to our front line workers: doctors, NHS staff and those based in social care. Thank you for all you are doing.

We hope you enjoy watching.

If you are part of the wgytc family - this one’s for you...